Public Diplomacy

“The United States and Public Diplomacy showcases fascinating new research into the history of public diplomacy.  Each essay adds a fresh perspective to the narrative with impressive research and writing throughout. Collectively, they represent a significant contribution to the emerging literature on public diplomacy.”  Joshua A. Saidoff, review for the USC Center for Public Diplomacy at the Annenberg School

“Tully’s essay is a multidimensional exploration of how different governments used public diplomacy to woo an ex-patriot population and ethnic minority, and how that population responded to those efforts. It also looks at how public diplomacy intersected with issues of identity for the Irish and for Irish Americans, and explores the broader phenomenon of ethnic minorities as both targets and agents of public diplomacy campaigns.” James Gow, King’s College, London

“Ethnicity, Security, and Public Diplomacy: Irish Americans and Ireland’s Neutrality in World War II,” in The United States and Public Diplomacy: New Directions in Cultural and International History, ed. Kenneth A. Osgood and Brian C. Etheridge (Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2010), 81-102.

ISBN: 978-9004-17691-1